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Life-changing – becoming a wedding musician?

Why I became a wedding musician - Corinna's Voice - Blog

I love sharing my story of why I became a wedding musician.

My music journey

Since the age of 13 I have been singing in various bands or as solo artist performing at proms, birthday parties, in pubs and clubs. I wrote my own songs mainly but I also performed cover songs. I have explored many music genres over the years including rock, pop, soul, funk, folk and R&B.

My first wedding

Approximately 8 years ago, one of my best friends asked me to sing her down the aisle at her wedding. I never thought about singing at weddings to this date. When she asked me, I felt extremely honoured. Her wedding was in Germany and none of my band members could join me. So, I learned the songs she requested acoustically (just acoustic guitar and voice). It was the best performance I have ever had to that date. I just loved singing her down the aisle and singing ‘their song’ after they exchanged vows.

Almost every single guest of the 100 guests approached me complimenting me on my singing and commenting on the beautiful atmosphere I created with my music. I also had a few couples approach me asking if I could hire me as their wedding musician.

Due to the fact that I am permanently living in Australia, I had to politely decline. As sad I as I was that I couldn’t help those couples, I knew that was my sign: after over 15 years I finally found my place for singing – weddings! I took this concept of covering songs acoustically just by myself to Australia and started my own business the same month I got back from Germany in August 2015. I became a wedding musician.

Why I love being a wedding musician

I couldn’t be happier and I love every wedding I do because every wedding is different. Being part of a couples most important day in their life is such an honour. I absolutely love singing for the very special moments such as walking down the aisle, signing of marriage registrars and first dance.

Since the start in 2015, I have sang at many weddings as a wedding musician and have added a DJ, a ten piece live band and a three piece live band to my portfolio. At Corinna’s Voice we are able to provide Adelaide with versatile, individualised and affordable wedding entertainment.

Thank you for reading my story of why I became a wedding musician.

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