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Passionate about authenticity and music

The power of authenticity and music - Blog post- Corinna's Voice

Today, I woke up and felt like writing about authenticity and music. It just felt like this is what I need to put out there.

Authentic music – no enhancements, filters, this is me

If you follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you probably noticed that I share a lot of videos of me singing. I record at home with my phone, with my acoustic guitar and my voice. Most importantly, I don’t use any special equipment or filter to adjust or enhance the sound in any way – I have never done that! I believe it is important to display what you get if you book me. Of course, I do have some studio recordings and you will most likely hear the difference.

When I record my videos, I find it very important to record them and leave my voice and guitar as they are. Going through musicians profiles, there are hardly any that do that, if any at all? There is so much technology out there that can make anyone sound like an amazing singer. I think it is important to stay authentic. If you book me, you know what you get. My authenticity and music is real.

Authentic self-image

Next, I would like to talk about authenticity and appearance. Usually, I do put some make up on when I record, while not a lot, I do usually colour my eye lashes. I have always been quite conscious about my eye lashes, since they are light in colour. Before I had children, I never went anywhere without mascara. While, I have never liked wearing any kind of foundation, putting mascara on has been ‘my thing’.

When I became I mum, I did question this. I questioned it because I was wondering what I am showing my daughter through this action. In reality, I am showing that I do not like myself without mascara! There is absolutely nothing wrong with make up, pretty dresses and the like, but there should be a balance. If it inflicts with your self image and you struggle to leave the house just the way you are, I do think there is an issue.

Since reflecting on this, I have stopped doing putting on mascara daily.  When I perform or am invited to a birthday, I do put on mascara and maybe a bit of powder. However, now it is a choice and not a ‘must’.

I truly hope this post has been inspiring for you to show your true self too! It is never too late to shift the focus and to start loving yourself for how and who you are.

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